Worlds away…

It was a very quiet start to our week here in the village. With the man out making longboarding surf videos with an Aussie crew… Bo and I have been left much to our own devices since the beginning of last weekend. Bo’s been going through the  notorious – I’m[almost]-four-months-old -and-everything-is-more-interesting-than-eating [and sleeping, apparently] stage… which was driving me a little batty until I took a deep breath and reminded myself we aren’t on any schedule, just relax – the kid is clearly not starving. We’ve had long days of nothingness that have been filled with baby-babbled stories, naps [not nearly as many as we could be having mind you] – and some new favourite blogs – which in the isolation of this week have done a good job of keeping me sane. That and home made sticky sugar cake and the last of my western tea stash (it’s ok – we can restock this weekend!).

So here we are, and here we have been, just the two of us… sometimes it feels as if we are worlds away from everyone who I’ve ever known. Sometimes it feels like it’s just the three of us in this big wide world. Whilst almost all my mama friends are curled up on the couch during nap times with “Mr Grey” and his trilogy of smut (my how word travels fast the world over!) we have been laying under the fan and reading Possum Magic and Where the Wild Things Are for the 50 thousandth time this month (because nap time here is a just a lovely dream and smut would never make it in the post).


Tonight we will do the 10 hour drive to Jakarta, followed by a long day of visa-related tasks in the city, then a midnight flight back to Australia. Bo and I are heading home for a little breath of air, some family cuddles and a whole lot of cheese, bread and a rice-vacation.

We area a little behind on our posts here at Inked in Colour – sometimes village life, bad internet connections and the salty call of the sea get in the way a bit. Thank you again to all of you for your support, votes, love and wonderful comments this week. It’s always so very appreciated.

We have really enjoyed the wonderful feedback that has come through from TBB – it’s been a real surprise how many votes we have had. If you have just discovered us, love us, or have loved us for a long time… we’d love it if you’d vote for us again.

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  • June 7, 2012 - 12:07 am

    jessica - I am going through the pre four month stage as well! Just finished a sleep deprived growth spurt, so naps are better than what they were. Good luck! Have an amazing vacation!ReplyCancel

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