Without words.

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“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”
―    Jack Kerouac

We spent the five days over Easter weekend in the bush with friends and family and an awful lot of quiet time. Time to connect with people. Time to connect with each other. And mostly, time to connect with nature. We stood quietly and in awe one morning as a friendly little wallaby explored our camp site, happy to sit and lick tea off leaves while we stood a couple of meters away in gentle silence. We watched marron hunt in the clear waters of the river and we listened to the calls of the possums as the sun went down.

We lay in tents and read books and listened to the birds call out from the depth of the forest. More often than not I lay in the tent and just looked at this view. Silenced by the beauty of it all. Calmed by the simplicity. Healed by the smell of fresh air and the lack of technology.   I’ve been feeling silenced lately, not by the world but by myself. I find that when I spend an awful lot of time talking (as I have done recently) that I tend to become voiceless… sick of my own voice and in need of retreating quietly to the back of my mind. I found that I was getting caught up in other people’s stuff and I was losing the perspective that I try so hard to maintain. So I retreated. Silently stepping back into the shadows for a while…

To reflect. To listen. To do nothing more than just exist.

So that’s where we have been. In the back of our minds and the back of the Australian forest.

Listening. Connecting. Quietly reflecting. I hope your easter was equally peaceful.


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