Winter adventures.

We were so lucky to have both of my sisters and my sweet niece and nephew to share our cold little world over the weekend. Our house was filled with laughter and stories and late nights by the fire our words woven together in that sweet knowing that only comes from spending entire lives in each others company. New stories found their way through and became linked with the pasts that we have all shared. Having sisters is a pretty amazing gift. We are very different, the three of us. We approach our worlds in very different ways, we have different priorities, we dress and speak and dream differently. But there is something at the core of each of us that is so much the same, and it connects us all.

There is nothing quite like watching our children together, watching these new lives find their own feet and their own very different personalities. Watching how they embrace life and each other, and being so proud of all three of them. Three different children, one nearly an adult. Three little (and not so little any more) people who will continue to carry the stories of our history and who will make new stories of their own along the way.


Our house is very quiet now it’s just the two of us once more. Everyone has gone home, back to jobs and school and other worlds. Back to the city we all grew up in. Back to partners and houses and responsibility. It’s weekends like that that remind me just how lucky we are to be back in my home state. As much as I often yearn to be somewhere (anywhere) else… it’s trips like that that remind me exactly why I’ve chosen to stay close to home. I’ve chosen to give Bo a family who love her and want her and who are close enough to come and visit her in her own world while she is still so very small.

And for now, that trumps all my wanderlust lustings… for now.


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  • July 24, 2013 - 5:54 am

    Peggy - Sash I spent most of my 20s loathing Perth and finding ways to travel and move abroad (which I did for the most part). Then once my son was born I started to see the good qualities of my humble little (which is was then) town. Now I just love it. In fact, it’s becoming too big and fast for me now when once I thought it was way too sleepy!

    I love the kids rugged up in their knits, adorable.ReplyCancel

  • July 24, 2013 - 12:40 pm

    Erica - I just returned from a visit “home” and it makes me wish I could quit all the moving about too. Family and friends-like-family are everything, in my opinion.ReplyCancel

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