We took Bo to have her weighed, village styles. A little different to the Aussie Health Centre with it’s crisp absorbent pads, rubber gloves and digital scales… But still does the trick.

Our beautiful Bo weighs in at 7.3kg, definitely no failure to thrive in this household! She’s such a happy not-so-little-anymore Buddha.


Look at her, my Bo. She’s mine. And I totally can’t believe it.

When we talk about parenthood there is always a lot of talk about sleepless nights, stress, exhaustion, confusion and general feelings of failure. We find solace in the fact that other mums have three-day-old spew on their clothes and haven’t been out of their pj’s for days. We nod in unison and empathy to stories of mums who haven’t had a cup of hot tea or a warm meal since baby was born. But what we don’t talk so much about is the tenderness. That feeling that you have when you look at your child. Maybe we don’t talk about it because there really are no words for the way it feels. Any mum (or dad) knows what I’m talking about. The moment when you look into the eyes of your child and your heart breaks with absolute happiness and love and fear and total awe. And suddenly you are completely connected with mankind. Suddenly being human is the most amazing experience that life has to offer. Suddenly you understand.

There really aren’t words. I just can’t believe she’s mine.