This weeks little loves…


beautiful Bo, my favourite little love of all…

It’s been a bit of a rough week in our little house this week. With the main man in our lives away in the city for a lot of the week and a power failure right in the middle Bo and I experienced hot and sweaty in a way we never have before. We battled rodents, we boiled water for bath time, we read books and talked to the chooks. We took long walks along the beach in the cool of the day and found company in friends chatter from far away… days as just the two of us can seem like long, neverending stretches of “almost-nap-time” moments where i constantly feel like it’s time to try and get the baby to sleep – needless to say she has not been sleeping well since we arrived. Perhaps its the upheaval, the climate change, the new sounds (cows, chickens and a foreign language right out the window) keepign her up, or just something else all together.

In amongst all of this there have been a few things that have helped keep us feeling human. I’ve never been a lover of brands or products – and since becoming mama I’ve disdained the constant stream of product pushers out there trying to convince sleep deprived parents that if they don’t BUY this or BUY that – they aren’t doing what’s best for baby.

So I thought I’d start sharing with you our little loves for each week, whether they be a product or a toy or a much loved book… a little inspiration goes a long way sometimes.

Little Loves: For Me


“The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf, an all time favourite book and helps me put life, love and feminism in perspective. Deep radiance gel oil by Palmers and my Body Love System Emergency body spray – it’s like rescue remedy, for your body – it’s 91% organic made from Australian bush flower essences, refreshing and smells lovely.

Little Loves: For Bo


“Where the Wild Things Are,” by Maurice Sendak – one of my all time favourite childrens books and Bo’s favourite for this week (it get’s those little legs a-kickin’). A Chicco rattle that was mine as a baby and is now in Bo’s. Itti Bitti all in ones – after just starting full time cloth this week – these are by far my front runner favourite, a great Aussie company making quality cloth. With heat and humidity comes rashes – the Stelartria cream by Mustela is expensive but magical and works in seconds at healing blotches, itches and heat rashes…


What are your little loves this week?

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