This village life…

For the past few weeks we have just settled into a pretty simple, sleepless routine. Bo gave up sleeping over a month ago now and is only just starting to come around again, much to my relief… I’ve been able to tuck those eye bags into my top pocket to keep them out of the way. Thankfully *we* are all starting to get some more sleep, I honestly don’t know how we survived without it… the mood is a little friendlier in the house nowadays.

Ramadan is coming to a close, which will bring an end to 3am wake-ups to rouse the husband to go and get some food before fasting begins. That is something I’ll be thankful for. The end of Ramadan has brought something more than just that, it has brought family. New family for Bo to meet and cousins to play with. It also means we have been doing our nightly dinner/bath ritual at Ni’s mums place. Being the spectacle that Bo and I are we have seemed to draw a literal crowd every dinner time as people want to watch us feed her. Seems bizarre to me, but to each their own. Poor Bo does seem to get a little stage fright though, but after a few mouthfuls forgets about the others and concentrates on her potato curry or mango mash like the little hover-mouth she is starting to become. With Idul Fitri only a few days away now, the celebrations are about to begin and the beach is about to be swamped with thousands of Indonesian tourists… so we are making the most of the calm and the cleanliness of our little slice of paradise before it becomes over run with sopping wet tourists who swim in all their clothes and leave all of their plastic in the water and across the sand.

Bo is crawling like a maniac. She’s in the fridge one moment and then around the corner delving into some deep, dark crevice that probably hasn’t been cleaned for a decade. Gotta say something for the kids immune system, we are now six months in and without one sickness to speak of, *touch wood.* She seems in a terrible hurry to do everything and will now crawl up to me, grab onto my pants and attempt to stand up… sometimes successfully. She has also attempted the daredevil crawling off the bed more than once this week. Which almost gave her father a heart attack as he managed to reach her *just before the fall* both times. We have now rebuilt the bed fort that she naps in during the day with an extra tier, and so far so good. She can no longer escape it. I think the next move is mattress on the floor… it just has to be done until she is smart enough to not just go careening off the edge without a moments notice. Bo’s babbling has turned from a series of Ah! noises to Babababa which is delightful. She now has full conversations with us, with her toys, with her shadow and with the wall…


Hope you have all had a colourful, beautiful, happy week… Even if it has been sleepless.


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  • August 17, 2012 - 1:41 pm

    Elise - She is the most amazingly beautiful mix of the two of you!
    She’s so clever and pretty and curious. I think I love her 🙂ReplyCancel

  • August 19, 2012 - 7:26 pm

    Cassie Nguyen - Oh yeah! Beautiful, beautiful. She’s amazing that little one of yours. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • August 19, 2012 - 8:18 pm

    Erica @ Expatria, Baby - I’ve just come across your site (I forget how, sorry) and I’m in love. Truly.
    I’ve also just moved to Indonesia with my girl (though she’s a couple years older than yours) and I can tell you that I absolutely share your passion for this country. I feel so lucky to live here.ReplyCancel

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