This village life…

In the past two weeks Bo has probably been the biggest developmental leap of her little life so far. Two weeks ago she was rolling both ways, but would fold in half if you tried to sit her up. One week ago she was up on her hands and feet but not really moving far. She is now crawling across the room on her hands and knees with ease. Pulling her own body up to sitting quickly and sitting, completely independently for five to ten minutes at a time. I’m desperately not-so secretly hoping that this huge developmental leap has something to do with this awful sleeping we have been experiencing and that it’ll all settle down really soon. This has meant that we have been able to upgrade her from her very tacky bright pink plastic baby bath to a much more practical huge washing tub where she can sit and play in a few inches of sterilized water. This independent sitting means we are getting more tears than before as regardless of how many soft cushionings we put around her, when she loses interest in sitting, she undoubtedly hits her head on something hard…

It’s been an emotional few weeks in our house with a very special anniversary, the loss of a very dear friend, the super bloody jellyfish sting and the general hormonal, sleepless nights that come with being a new(ish) parent. There are a thousand or more words to take you on the journey of the life Inked in Colour we’ve been leading, but none of them really do the past few weeks any justice.So instead, I’ll tell it the only other way I know how… in pictures of this village life.


Just a little housekeeping:

We have recently joined the twittersphere (is that what people even call it? I don’t know) but I have no idea whatsoever how to use it… so come find us at @InkedinColour and I will attempt to figure out to use the blasted thing.

We have been contacted by some awesome new sponsors in the past week so stay tuned for some lovely give-aways in the coming months from some beautiful companies doing gorgeous things not only for babies but for the world as a whole.

We’ve been in the top 3 over at TBB for ages now, which is awesome and is the real reason we’ve been getting some wonderful give-away offers. You can vote again here – remember it’s just once every 24 hours…

I know in the rest of the world there are exciting things happening like the Olympics and Festivals and amazingness – but we pretty much live under a rock over here with no TV or radio and a pretty average internet connection so if anyone wants to give us the low down on the outside world – we are always happy to hear it!

Hope your world has been suitably inked in colour this week.


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  • August 5, 2012 - 4:35 am

    Lila - Terrible sleep is absolutely linked to development, something with each new skill learnt takes a little while to settle in their brain causing awful sleep. Hopefully it will be okay again soon!
    I’m so sorry for your loss and am amazed by the strength you are showing for your little one.ReplyCancel

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