This small town life.

This week my little girl turned one. One. It has given me the opportunity to really reflect on our journey together. This time last year I was holding my brand new little tiny newborn. She was sleeping in my single hospital bed, tucked up in my arm. Her little body curled up fit snug and tight. The day she was born it was more than the beginning of her life… the day she was born, I was born too… I began my life as her mother.

A year filled with joy and tears and intensity. A year full of change and transformation and growth. It has been incredible. Difficult. Painful. Amazing. Uplifting. My role as the mother has shifted my entire world. I got an email from a very dear friend today which wished Bo a Happy Birthday but mostly it congratulated me, for making it through the most challenging, changing year of my life. For getting us through. For thriving from it. For allowing myself to be truly transformed and for being better for it.

It has been quite a journey.


PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN ITI am so blessed to have this incredible creature in my life. And even when the days are hard, and there are many of those… I should always remember how lucky I am. Because I am. So very, very lucky.

And you are too.

We are all lucky to be on this wild ride. Together.

This blog is now officially a year old too. And how it has grown. Thank you. You have all changed me too. Helped me. Supported me. Loved me and loved my little girl. Given me the gift of opportunity and a chance at supporting my family of two… Your love and support gives us that, every day. Thank you.

I hope you are all feeling blessed too this weekend. For it’s the little things in our lives that make it all worth living. The wonderful thing about life is a culmination of all the little moments. The big stuff is great… but it’s the little stuff, the every day, the moments that disappear as quickly as they appeared… the butterflies in your belly, the nervous laughter, the sparkle of joy, the sigh of a sleeping child, the feeling of hot water on tired skin, the strong hand of a friend… it’s those things… that save us. It’s those things that truly matter. It’s those things that are important.

I wish you a weekend filled with precious moments.


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