This life… the Canadian edition

2PIN ITOh hey jetlag… what’s up. I used to think the novelty of jet lag was fun, I mean who doesn’t love watching cable tv all night long while eating peanut butter cookies. Amazing. I used to be into that when I traveled to Canada in my past life. Now however… jet lag looks like this. You are so tired your eyes are hanging from your face and you drag them along behind you in search of a bed. You lay down. It is quiet and dark and comfortable. Que brain going crazy… You can’t sleep. You can’t sleep. You can’t sleep. You’re eyes are closing… they are closing… wait for it… you can sleep… hooray you can sleep. You sleep for two minutes. Your toddler wakes. She can’t sleep. She can’t sleep. Many hours later… she can sleep, she finally sleeps. Great. Try to sleep. Shit… missed the window… You can’t sleep. You can’t sleep… and so it goes. When all else fails a bag of pretzels and Friends re-runs could are sure to save your sanity. Bo has been an absolute champion through this week of absolute madness despite being sick and teething and you know, all the madness. Sydney was fleeting and lovely and already feels like a lifetime ago. The long haul flight was challenging but Bo handled it like the well traveled, seasoned non-sleeping pro that she is. I, on the other hand, am still talking in gibberish and putting my shoes on the wrong feet (so I apologise in advance for the lack of semblance to this post… I’m writing through a cloudy mind of compounded sleep deprivation and sugar over load). It is unseasonably warm in Canada… good thing I packed all those woolens! We’ve been walking and squirrel watching and sleep fighting and donut eating and really looking forward to this cloud lifting so I can stop my nonsense babble and get out there and dig my hands into all the good-good-goodness that Canada has to offer. Like pumpkin fields and corn mazes and amazing galleries and zoos and woodlands and lakes and markets and beyond.


We took a trip out to an awesome op shop today to pick up some toys and some SUMMER tops for Bo. She was sweating it out in her woolens and it just had to stop. I could have spent all day in there. People in Canada donate some super cool stuff… now only if I had space for all that furniture in my luggage… I almost went home with jackets and snowsuits and boots and a thousand pairs of shoes for Bo… but I stopped myself (just). Even travel essentials can be bought second hand when on the road (bus).

We are so lucky to have this incredibly special time with my grandfather. Bo’s great grandfather. To be able to share meals and conversations. To share space and time as if there never had existed so much lost time. Very blessed. Very, very lucky to be here!

How’s you’re week been? Anything going on that I shouldn’t have missed? Hit me up with your news!

xox Have a glorious weekend, I know I will… I’m going to be hanging with friends and drinking beers and laughing lots… Can’t wait!


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