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PIN ITWhen I was looking through the photos that I’ve taken this week I realised that we’ve been a lot busier than I thought we had been. We’ve had breakfast picnics and late afternoon park adventures. We’ve been at the beach and in the forest. We’ve been all over the place. It’s also very clear from the photos this week that winter is settling in. I love this change in season. It’s beautiful, but with it comes a series of colds as our bodies ready themselves for the winter months. Bo and I have both been fighting colds so I’ve been filling us with warm foods and lots of veggies to keep us strong and warm and comfortable.

gorgeous little scarf c/o Berth Handmade

I got an email from an Inked reader this week asking for my help. I’ve never been more honoured to be able to do something, however small, to help someone else out. So here I am, asking you to do the same, asking you to spare a few minutes (if that) of your time to click on this link and vote for Zac Sliwka’s dream come true. Zac is three years old, over a year ago he suffered from cardiac arrest which in turn damaged his brain. He has had to start all of his development all over again. He is learning to crawl and sit and his parents are hoping that they will soon get him to walk and one day teach him to talk again. But they need your help. His treatment is expensive and all they ask is for you to vote for him on this link to help them win a prize pool of cash to help for this months treatments. That’s it. It’s just an internet vote. I’ve voted. Can you? Today is the last day before voting closes. Every little bit helps. Biggest love to you little Zac.

I’ve read some pretty great stuff this week. You know, while I was procrastinating about the actual work I was supposed to be doing.  I loved this “How to read a blog” post, this one popped up on my Facebook news feed this week and it is real food for thought.

What have you read (or written) this week that you’d like to share?

Have a gorgeous weekend inked in colour, friends. xx Thanks for your support as always.


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