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What a week!

We’ve been on lots of adventures. Last weekend I had my first day out since having Bo. And my first wild festival day since long before I fell pregnant. I danced and I laughed and I nursed cans between my knees and sat on shoulders and danced and laughed some more with some beautiful friends. We left our babies with their grandparents and let loose. It was just the mothers day present to myself that I needed. It was freedom. It was awesome. How lucky am I to have such great new friends right here on my doorstep?

Bo and I ventured further south to meet with Jess and Jonny from Rebel on a Rainbow, which was awesome. It isn’t very often that we get to meet up with our internet friends. The nature of the blog industry means that connections and networks go above and beyond the bounds of countries or cities. Which means I have beautiful friends writing their stories from all around the world. When the opportunity came to get out of the house and go and meet two of the most inspirational people I’ve read about online, I couldn’t pass it up. It was spectacular.

We have had some wild weather this week so we’ve been hiding out in the house watching the rain, listening to the thunder, painting and drawing and playing dolls.  We’ve been dreaming of our future home, wondering where in the world it might end up. My answer? It’s still in the wind.


I hope your weekend is full of light and love and inked in colour. Bo and I will be snuggled up indoors for the most part and if the weather clears we might head out to the farm land to do a shoot and write an article for work. We’ll see. We don’t have much planned. Probably some lounge room picnic tea parties with some dolls, maybe some painting… definitely some far off dreaming.

Have you got a link you’d like to share with me? A favourite blog post that you’ve read or written? A video or a story you think deserves to be seen? Leave the link here in the comments, I know I’d love to broaden my reading a bit this weekend. Let’s share the love around!



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  • May 17, 2013 - 8:37 am

    endelaney - A year ago I read this…

    Which inspired me to finally do this, even with our 16 month old daughter…

    Hope you enjoy both of them:)
    Happy Weekend!ReplyCancel

    • May 17, 2013 - 10:41 am

      Sash - You know what? I read your blog, it’s on my reader. I remember this post. I was like… POWER TO THE PEOPLE MAN! That’s awesome, I think it’s such a powerful deicision you have made, and such an important one (and such a beautiful bike too!). You rock! xReplyCancel

      • May 18, 2013 - 9:15 am

        endelaney - Thank you! And I didn’t know you read my blog:) Glad you enjoyed it. I am always so inspired by your worldview and your strength and honesty. It is so interesting how I can admire someone I have never even met. xxReplyCancel

  • May 17, 2013 - 9:53 am

    Sommer - Besides you, these are the other bloggers I draw inspiration from. Zen habits (which most people already know of) is my inspiration for the intellectual mind, whereas zero waste home gives me raw tools to work with (like step by step how to stop consuming/wasting – read her archives!). Inked? Speaks to my heart and expresses what is exactly in my emotional body. I can’t even begin to say how many times I read a post of yours and I say, “holy shit she hit it on the nail. That’s exactly how I feel.” & zerowastehome.blogspot.comReplyCancel

    • May 17, 2013 - 10:44 am

      Sash - I’ve been living under an internet rock for a long time. I’ve never heard of either of these sites and they both seem right up my alley. Thanks for the tip. I’ve put them on my reader and I’m going to get some reading time in this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing! (And thanks for the beautiful compliments on Inked, I really, really appreciate it).ReplyCancel

  • May 17, 2013 - 12:31 pm

    Panna - that’s great that you went out and had a blast! what a perfect present to yourself!
    this post i found pretty inspirational:

  • May 17, 2013 - 9:24 pm

    Laura June - I’ve been fumbling around with where I want my life to go lately, so that’s most of what my blog posts are about these days. I feel good things are coming, I just don’t know what they are! In the meantime I’m working the corporate gig and raising chickens and vegetables in my free time. Hoping for a bit more freedom in the near future… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • May 18, 2013 - 3:52 am

    Kristy - Hi from Melbourne,

    this is a post on breastfeeding I wrote after my son weaned. I’m not if your interested, but I’m a big fan of your blog and writing. So the idea of you reading my blog is kind of exciting.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • May 18, 2013 - 7:56 am

      Sash - Thanks for the link Kristy, what a beautiful story. I’m heading towards weaning with Bo – though she won’t have a bar of it, so we are a while off I think. It was lovely to read someone elses story. Thank you for sharing. xoxReplyCancel

  • May 21, 2013 - 2:34 am

    meegs1982 - I love so much of what you write. Thank you for sharing your real, honest life with us.

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