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1PIN IT 2PIN IT 3PIN IT 4PIN IT 5PIN IT 6PIN IT 7PIN IT 8PIN IT 9PIN IT1. Sick days/ 2. homemade/3. the wide open ocean/ 4. Margaret River Farmers market treats/
5. More delicious holiday breakfast treats/
6. Pre-wedding ice-cream by the beach/
7. (while mama had a) Pre-wedding coffee with the bride/
7. Wedding time and ever so excited by the glamour of it all/ 8. Off on an adventure


It’s been a busy month since we got home from Canada, with event after event and back to back fun (and exhaustion!)… throw in the usual daycare induced toddler sickness (that was passed on to me, thank you daycare) and the weeks raced by at an alarming rate. From cafes to beaches to trips down south with friends… we laughed and we cried and we had a few breakthroughs along the way. We haven’t weaned but we have successfully night weaned! Who would have known it was as simple as having a logical discussion with your child? Two weeks in and we are both getting a lot more sleep (and I’m feeling less insane than I have in a long, long time)… isn’t sleep a beautiful thing?

We watched friends exchange vows on a beautiful beach and we danced and we celebrated with them until early hours of the morning. Well, I did… Bo went back to the hotel with her grandma and I had a night of fun (thanks mum!). There has been lots of work and lots of play and summer is well and truly settled in Western Australia. Every day is over 30 now and the sun is hot and clothes dry in less than an hour and all my plants are dying… (Does anyone know how to keep herbs alive in the heat? It doesn’t seem to matter what I do… water obviously… they always die!) and the fans are going all day long. It’s going to be a hot, hot summer.

I see pictures of friends in Toronto, covered in blankets of snow and rosy cheeked babes and it’s already so hard to believe that we were just there. Worlds apart from our sandy toes.

This weekend I am leaving Bo for days on end for the very first time. I’m heading to Melbourne to attend a blog award gala event which is totally out of my comfort zone, but it’s time, and I’m traveling with two of my favourite foodies and bunking down with them downtown and have baby free dates with friends and food and wine and laughter. It’s a flying visit of less than 36 hours. And I’ve gotta say, I’m excited! Who’s got time for Mama guilt anyway? (she says, mostly to convince herself…)

Have a beautiful weekend, wherever you are. xo

4852PIN IT 4852oPIN IT 12PIN IT 13PIN IT 14PIN IT 15PIN IT 16PIN IT 17PIN IT10. Stolen goods/ 11. Good to the last drop/ 12. Little toes reaching to change the music/ 13. Discovering new stories/
14. By our front door/ 15. Cousins at play/ 16. Sweet treats/ 17. Rare quiet moments in a home full of noise.

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    jen - Hey lovely sash. Maybe for your herbs make sure you water them in the morning and the evening, but not in the high sun, I’ve heard that can actually burn them with the reflecting water.ReplyCancel

    • December 2, 2013 - 6:33 am

      Sash - I’ll give it a go Jen, thanks! I think maybe I’m just void of a green thumb… which is a terrible shame.ReplyCancel

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    Ashley - Hi Sash- beautiful photos! Is margs the place you are calling home? X AshleyReplyCancel

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