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1PIN ITHello crazy times ahead. With a mere two days before we get on a flight and get out of sunny (or not so sunny, as this week would have it) WA and head out into the great beyond… to say I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed would be a slight understatement. Getting myself and Bo ready to go to Canada, clean our house, tidy our yard, wrap up a bunch of food posts so that something actually pops up on this blog whilst I’m away doing exciting things (mainly, eating)… was a mission and a half. And to top it off I decided to go all crazy and take on full time work for the week too… because I am, you know, certifiable. Possibly not the smartest decision I have ever made. It made for a lot of late night-ers at my computer tap-tap-tapping away with blogs and posts for other publications, and surviving long days at work whilst dragging the bags hanging from my face behind me.

On Sunday Bo and I will fly to Sydney and spend two nights and one beautiful day (come on Sydney, give us SUN!) with friends and family in preparation for the big journey. To say I’m shitting my pants about the long haul flight… would be a bit dramatic (and also… somewhat accurate). I have no idea how we are going to manage but I know we will and the pay off in sweet tarts, tim hortons and hot wings at the other end will be worth it ten fold. I’m so excited for pumpkin season, thanksgiving, apple orchards and amazing adventures both in and outside of one of my absolute favourite cities on this beautiful planet of ours. Canada… prepare yourself… we are coming for you!


I just joined Google+. Well actually, I’ve had a Google+ account for a long time but it was sitting around dusty and completely unused until I pulled it back out the other evening and dusted it off. I will be totally honest with you. I have absolutely, 100% no idea how to use it. None what so ever. I’m generally pretty terrible at social media. Apparently the key to a successful blog lies in ones ability to be organised and well connected. I am neither of these things. I’m flighty and terribly inconsistent. But I like Google+ (from what I’ve read and heard about it… we’ll see how I go actually using it as a platform)… and I’m going to give it a red hot go, so come find me (because I have no idea how to use the search bar and I have NO idea how to find you!) and be my friend so I can find you back. Do you use Google+? Do you like it? Any red hot tips for a total newbie?

Have a beautiful weekend friends. I’ve got lots of posts lined up for you that have been pre-written and prepared so whilst you will get a few carefully prepared installments of Inked the next time you will hear from real-time me… we will be on the other side of the planet, and we will have already survived the long haul and the pain will already be over. Good? GOOD! See you on the other side!


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  • September 20, 2013 - 7:08 am

    Brandee - Hope you have an easy and safe trip!!!

    Timmies gets me through many days!!!!ReplyCancel

  • September 20, 2013 - 11:10 am

    Naomi @ (Not) Just A Mummy - I’ve just found you on Google+ Sash. I too have NO CLUE how to use it but am slowly muddling through it. Hoping to get my head around it in the next month though who knows if I will or not!ReplyCancel

  • September 20, 2013 - 4:46 pm

    Rachael - Good luck with you travel. Traveling with a little one is always hard! We travel from England to the Congo every 6-8 weeks and it takes a day and a half. We recently found that if we kept her up all day she slept right through the flight, though I suppose that only works if you have a night flight. Otherwise she just gets whatever she wants most of the trip (we become easy parents for flying, that way she behaves for us) and hope for the best. I hope it all goes well for both of you, you are so very brave. XReplyCancel

  • September 20, 2013 - 8:54 pm

    Jeanine - Phew! The sweat is dripping off my brow reading through all of this intense packing, work, and excitement! I’m going to suggedt this even though I am sure you’ve thought it already. Before you make any sudden movements–JUST BREATHE. PAUSE. then, BREATHE again…I always tell my children I have 2 speeds, fast forward and stop. Especially when preparing for a weekend getaway or any important get together etc. BUT, right after ‘crunch-time’ I call it, they all know to give Mom a second to BREATHE. I take as much of a time out I can. Now, even when LO was younger, as yours I did the same thing: funny thing is she loved to sit and just breathe together. She still does it now!

    I have found you on G+ & will send you little comments here and there in hopes to help but, you will be a pro in no time, its actually like a mix between a blog and facebook timeline ;D
    LASTLY, sorry, I am excited to hear you are coming to Canada! Obviously I am not expecting a response, so i will do some reading about your blog to figure out if you’re from here? Where you’re staying? etc! Cuz I am Canadian as well (& still live here) ADORE my “Timmy’s” I’d be lifeless without it somedays. Much support, coffee, well wishes, and fun times to you on your trip(s)! ENJOY!ReplyCancel

    • September 21, 2013 - 2:05 pm

      Sash - Hello Jeanine! 🙂 Breathing is the key to getting through and enjoying most things in life! Thanks for the help on google +… i really have NO IDEA what I’m doing! I’m staying downtown in Toronto. I’m not from Canada but my mum is so i have a lot of family in TO. 🙂 Can’t wait! Timmy’s here I come!ReplyCancel

  • September 22, 2013 - 6:44 am

    Jash - I’m so excited for your trip here!!! I really really can’t wait to see you and Bo. I also had this idea to go to an apple orchard but I forgot where it was when I went quite a few years ago. And yes, Tim Hortons… mmmmm…. and wings!!! I used to work at Kelsey’s restaurant and I’m not biased about this, but I think they have one of the best wings. And Thursdays are half-price wings! 😀

    See you both soon! Have a safe flight!ReplyCancel

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