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Spring has sprung all over our little town.  Much like children the seasons seem to change in the blink of an eye. Things are changing, and it’s more than just the seasons. Tomorrow Austrlaians go to the polls, and we are not in a good position. We have two leaders, one a snake and the other an embarrassing uncle… the predictions have made it pretty clear who they think are going to win. A landslide, they are calling it… and the votes haven’t even been placed yet. As of tomorrow it seems as though the snake is going to take the lead of our beautiful country and if he does (and I hope he doesn’t… but it is a case of bad and worse) we are in for years of hardship. Not just us personally… but all of us, Australians. I don’t think I have one single friend who will vote Liberal… but it seems a lot of Australians will. I can’t help but wonder if it is a vote for the leadership or if it is just a vote for change. We have seen the same mistakes and the same misguided decisions be made over and over… and there is no denying we are all desperate for a little change in the political landscape of our country. But in this direction? I fear it is going to bring us all great difficulty.

for anyone who believes in humanity, for anyone who finds racism and sexism distasteful… for anyone who believes in equality or in education… the future is not going to be bright. but it’s not all tragic. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before one can truly look at how lucky we are. Maybe the Australian population as a whole needs to face a leader with such stupidity (our very own George W) to actually wake up and see the privilege that we were all born into. And for once maybe the Australian population as a whole will be thankful, for what we had and for what we can always have again (just perhaps with a little shift in leadership). sometimes it takes great political shift for a nation to band together, and to find power in the people…

There is always a silver lining… right? This is a fabulous article for those lefties out there who are feeling very disenchanted by the terrifying prospect of a Abbot leadership… read it. Read it every day for the next three years if you have to, and hang on to hope… if it gets that bad… it can only get better. I’m a greens voter. Always have been, always will be. I believe in marriage equality, I believe in the humane treatment of asylum seekers, I believe in equal pay and education and funding for social services. I believe that without funding and support at a community and grass roots level no country can be truly successful. A country is made up of lots of communities and when I look around at my own local community… there is so much disjointed suffering… I’m hoping that before Bo gets to school there will be a great social shift. And if I have to be instrumental to that in our own community, I will. she deserves more than what’s on offer right now. We all do.

I hope that if you are over 18 and living in Australia that you have registered to vote (it is the law, after all) and that tomorrow you will line up at your local primary school and you will cast your vote. Because your voice matters. Our voices matter. even if you believe in everything that I don’t believe… your voice matters. Our diversity is what makes us so rich.


We are heading up to the city tomorrow to participate in an afternoon tea that is sure to be divine. I’m very excited to be joining the lovely Peggy from cakes, crumbs and beachsand…  we’ll visit with family and friends and we’ll eat too much and laugh to much and not sleep enough and it’s bound to be wonderful and exhausting and probably a little bit emotional. We are hurtling towards our trip now at an alarming speed and I keep taking on more and more work and finding I have less and less time. I’ve considered taking a bit of a step back from this blog but I’m unsure yet whether or not that will be necessary (or even possible)…

what’s on the cards in your world this weekend? Whatever it is I hope it’s steeped in joy and brimming with smiles and absolutely, 100% inked in colour.

xox 8PIN IT

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  • September 7, 2013 - 4:00 am

    Zanni - I feel like crying 🙁ReplyCancel

  • September 7, 2013 - 9:45 am

    eva - I’m a green voter as well, and its a 2 horse race here in the seat of Melbourne between Greens and Labour, libs dont even get a look in. I wish there were more electorates like it. Thanks for the great link, I will likely find myself reading it again and again over the next few years. I too want more for my little girl than a country with Abbott at the helm can offer, so a call to arms to be more than a desktop activist is just what I needed today!ReplyCancel

  • September 7, 2013 - 11:49 am

    andrea - I am not from or in Australia but definitely wish and hope the best for your country.ReplyCancel

  • September 7, 2013 - 5:13 pm

    Erin - All of your photos are so beautiful! I’m so glad Spring is here – I was sick of the cold weather.

    I voted on Friday and I definitely take it seriously, unlike a lot of my friends. One of my friends comes from a Liberal family so she’s going to vote Liberal. She doesn’t know anything about the policies at all and it’s scary that people like this decide our fate. I voted Labour as I feel like it’s a wasted vote for me to vote anywhere else as it really just gives Liberal a lead. I think the problem is we’re all sick of how the country is being run – but a lot of us don’t want Abbott in so therefore those votes are split between Labour, Palmer United Party & The Greens. Unfortunately it looks like Abbott is in. I’m hoping not as it’s not official yet but it isn’t looking good 🙁

    Erin //

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