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What have you been up to this week? We’ve been settling in to our home and into ourselves. I’ve discovered sides of myself that I thought had been lost over the years. I forged stronger friendships and found truth. We have been huddled by our fire and I’m so thankful for it’s warmth. Even right now, as I type this I’m thawing out my frozen feet. I don’t remember winter ever being this cold in WA. But it’s been a cool zero degrees most mornings and we’re certainly feeling the chill.

Slowly and surely life moves on. From the pain and the broken hearted beginnings of this year we’ve grown stronger and I’m moving on. It feels good not to be holding on to the pain any more. It feels good to not think about him and to not feel the sharp sting every time I hear what he’s up to. Now I just feel sad for him. Sad that he made the decisions that he did. Sad that one day he’s going to realise what he threw away and it’ll be too late. It already is.

Bo is being a glorious, difficult challenge this week. She’s pushing me to the edge and I’m crying out for mercy. She doesn’t listen. She’s a ballsy little creature with strong conviction and an absolutely wicked sense of humour, that at the moment involves licking my face, head butting me and then laughing hysterically in my face. I see so much of myself in her… wickedly wicked. You know how some days you glimpse yourself in the mirror and you wonder where you went… I’ve had lots of those days in the past months. This week I caught a glimpse of myself and it was like… oh hey, there you are! where have YOU been? It was fleeting, but it was nice, I’m going to be fighting for a lot more of those kind of moments.


My beautiful sisters and my niece and nephew are all coming down to our little town this weekend. I’m very excited. It’s the first time in about five years that I’ve had my own place for family to come and visit me in (they never made it over to Indo when I was there) and it’s the first time that Bo will every get to interact with her aunties and her cousins in her own space. How lucky for her! We are going on a furniture hunt this weekend to see if we can find some thrifty gems to help finish off our space so that it really feels like home. Maybe a few fun DIY projects to get my sander to work on… I love a good thrift hunt. Don’t you?

It’s nice to have a place to put roots down, though if I’m totally honest I have had many moments this week where my feet have itched and I’ve let my mind wander off to far off lands and have become consumed by wanderlust and the “what ifs” that will always plague me… even though I’d love to run off to Tahiti or Mexico or the Mongolian mountains, I know in my heart of hearts we are in the right place for now… and it certainly helps that we have an overseas adventure on the horizon.

Have a beautiful weekend friends with love and light and laughter. Did you read something amazing this week you’d love to share? link it up in the comments.



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  • July 19, 2013 - 4:38 pm

    Kate - I love your line about Bo being a glorious challenge this week! My Izzy is just 2 weeks old older and I have felt the very same!ReplyCancel

  • July 20, 2013 - 5:40 am

    Lilybett - I’ve just read this one – which resonates with me – I’ve seen plenty of parents let their boys go ga-ga over pirates (and war and ninja turtles and superheroes that destroy cities and laugh, etc) but there’s not a whole lot written about feminism for our sons in the mainstream presses and blogs – about raising boys not to be emotionally stunted and the perpetrators and followers and enablers of inequality, rape culture and abuse. That’s a bit of a heavy thought for the weekend, but the post is an easy read.

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