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The past week in Perth has been an eventful one. With vaccinations, daddy-celebrations, lunch dates, long walks and days trapped inside with blustering storms battering the windows – we’ve had moments of rest and lots of moments of play. It’s amazing how quickly Bo is growing up, she changes at an alarming rate. She’s standing more than sitting these days, needing only the lightest touch from an inanimate object to maintain her balance whilst standing. She’s delightful. She has become facinated by the washing machine and sits for minutes at a time (minutes at a time is an impressive time span for a six month old) watching the washing go around and around… and has been introduced to TV, she doesn’t have a huge interest in it… but will sit for at least a minute with her head cocked to the side trying to figure out what on earth is going on. We have had first slides, first swings and first seesaws. She’s developed a new little piggy face which comes along with little snorting noises and will now giggle and crawl quickly away from me when I “chase” her.

Did I mention she’s delightful? There is nothing NOTHING better than watching a little person develop new skills. And it is most amazing when that little human discovering themselves is someone you love LOVE. I am feeling very lucky to have this little mite in my life this week.. even if some days I wonder how I got here, how life brought me here and where we go to now.

We had four days of amazing sleeping, where she would only wake twice TWICE! a night. But have since regressed a bit. It was lovely while we had it though.

Bo and I are currently down south from Perth, setting up our Small Town Life for the end of the year and helping my mother move house. We know that at the end of the year the three of us will be using my mothers house as a base whilst we find our bearings and make some of those huge decisions about how/where we want to live once we have the right to do so as a family here in Aussie-land. I never thought setting up a room in my mothers house would be exciting. It’s often hard going back to the nest, not only for my but probably a bit for my mother too. But thankfully we have a good relationship and it’s actually more enjoyable (mostly) than it is challenging. I can’t wait for the day that the three of us have our very first real family home… where I can set up our rooms and make it comfortable and make it feel like ours. But I know that is still more than six months away, so I’m not letting myself think too much about it. Either way I’m very excited about opening up our boxes and setting up a little corner of the new house that will be waiting for us when we return in November.


As always I hope your week has been wonderfully Inked in Colour, full of smiles and moments of self-realisation.

I know some of you are hanging out for our give-away. It’s really exciting. I’m super stoked. I just need to take photos to go with the post… and when I planned to do it the heavens showered me with hailstones and windstorms and these are the kind of photos you take outside, and no where else… Hopefully the post will go up Friday… Keep an eye out.


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