Taking stock.

1PIN ITLast Thursday I got the call from daycare that no mama ever wants, ‘your baby is sick. You need to come and collect her.’ That began the last five days of the fever haze. It’s awful when they are sick, isn’t it? Days off work and days trying (and often failing) to make everything ok. We’ve just been inside and pottering around in the backyard. Taking it slowly. I’m taking a few things slowly these days… coming full circle almost one year later from when our lives were turned upside down. Oh what a difference a year makes…

I remember reading this post little Taking Stock post of Pip’s over at Meet me at Mikes back in August… or yesterday, in my mind (slow down months, what’s the rush?!), and I thought it might be a nice way to find my way back from the vast and somewhat confusing plains that are the current state of mind I’m wrestling with. To take a moment and look at where we are now.

Making : a new table top
Cooking : lovely little veggie wontons
Drinking : icy cold lemon cordial… summer is here!
Reading: Pema Chodron.
Wanting: A little time to myself
Looking: for answers
Playing: tea parties and dinosaurs
Wasting: half cups of tea
Sewing: buttons and mending holes
Wishing: on a star
Enjoying: the warmth
Waiting: for the fever to pass
Liking: a slower pace
Wondering: about Christmas
Loving: toddler kisses and sleepy cuddles
Hoping: for clarity
Marvelling: at how much we have done
Needing: a bubble bath
Smelling: eucalyptus
Wearing: ink stained fingers and yesterdays mess
Following: myself in circles
Noticing: new opportunities
Knowing: that change is good
Thinking: about new projects
Feeling: tired
Bookmarking: everything
Opening: windows
Giggling: under blanket forts with tiny hands and sparkling eyes
Feeling: hopeful

Have you taken the time to take stock of your own life recently? It’s a fun little exercise that really helps to get your head out of the clouds and put your feet back on the ground exactly where you are standing… I’m terrible at doing that at the best of times.

Have you visited Pip recently over at Meet me at Mikes? She’s always got something wonderful going on…

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