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Beach madness…

With Idul Fitri comes a week long celebration and the only real annual holiday in Indonesia. Everyone returns toView full post »

Idul Fitri

Ramadhan has ended, and Lebaran has come and gone. This is the third Idul Fitri I have been in Indonesia for, and theView full post »

This village life…

For the past few weeks we have just settled into a pretty simple, sleepless routine. Bo gave up sleeping over a monthView full post »

A Mama in Chile: Guest Post

Blogging brings lots of different opportunities into my extremely lack-luster social life. I’ve been really luckyView full post »

This village life…

In the past two weeks Bo has probably been the biggest developmental leap of her little life so far. Two weeks ago sheView full post »

No ordinary anniversary…

The day started out much like we had expected. It is Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, so the days are very calmView full post »

48 hours of darkness

It’s funny isn’t it, how we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. It can be said ofView full post »

An afternoon stroll.

We try to take Bo for a late afternoon walk every day, I often think it’s more for me than it is for her…View full post »

Worlds away…

It was a very quiet start to our week here in the village. With the man out making longboarding surf videos with anView full post »

This village life.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but here we are again at the end of another week. Ever since Bo graced usView full post »

Moments worth remembering…

Every day is a series of moments, one after the other, some worth remembering… others completely uneventful. LifeView full post »

Weighing in, the village way…

We took Bo to have her weighed, village styles. A little different to the Aussie Health Centre with it’s crispView full post »

Our village home…

After days of scrubbing, moving furniture and generally trying to get settled in my mind is a little calmer. I couldView full post »