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The thing about love is…

I’ve found that since I split with my husband, as a young(ish) single mum, my love life (or lack thereof)View full post »

When no one is watching.

I seem to find myself in this place every three to six months, questioning my use of social media, questioning theView full post »

10 ways to ease the weaning blues.

When I weaned Bo once and for all she was just a few weeks shy of two years old. It was a battle of its own. It wasView full post »


I’ve been feeling muddled. My mind and my space unclear. Too many ideas. Not enough time. Too many voices. NotView full post »


“You have brains in your head You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself in any direction you choose” ― Dr.View full post »

Full of yourself?

Social media is running rife. It controls so much of what we do. So many times I hear, hang on, just hold it rightView full post »

On being a “beautiful” girl (or boy).

Over a year ago now, Lisa Bloom wrote this very provocative piece on beauty, the female psyche and her opinion on howView full post »