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This life

What a week! We’ve been on lots of adventures. Last weekend I had my first day out since having Bo. And my firstView full post »

Today, I am myself.

Today I am myself. I am tired. I am stretched. Yesterday I lost it because my child wouldn’t go to sleep. AllView full post »

This life

Another week has come and gone.Do they keep getting faster, or is it just me? Bo and I are both recovering, thank youView full post »

A change in the season.

It has been autumn for almost a month, according to the calendar, but just this week I have really felt the change inView full post »

This home-again life

There is something truly wonderful about coming home. After being away for five weeks, after car trouble and moneyView full post »

From fantasy to reality (SPONSORED)

Divorce. Infidelity. Loss. Heartache. Single parenthood. I’ve written about it before, with an alarmingView full post »

This holiday life…

Wow. Well, traveling for three weeks whilst couch hopping with a toddler in tow… is… exhausting! We areView full post »

This holiday life

This week feels like a life time. There have been hard goodbyes and heartbreaking realisations. There have been crazyView full post »

When things don’t change…

When we were in Noosa, so was my husband. He was there realising one of his biggest dreams. Experiencing his holyView full post »

This holiday life

There are so many words, so many stories, so many things to say from the past week. But in the house of crazy thereView full post »

This small town life

Bo and I have traveled a lot together. We took her first flight when she was ten weeks old and have traveled prettyView full post »

This small town life

With the beginning of March brings the official end of summer. But Australia rarely gets the message. It’s hot.View full post »

This small town life

Happy Friday friends! Is it just me or do these weeks just keep getting faster and faster? We’ve had a good weekView full post »

This small town life.

This week my little girl turned one. One. It has given me the opportunity to really reflect on our journey together.View full post »

Dear Bo,

14th February 2012, 4:36pm My Bo, This is a picture of me. It is also a picture of you. It is the very first picture ofView full post »

This small town life.

We started of the week with a sick baby, thankfully nothing serious and she turned around pretty quickly. I’veView full post »

The privilege of being a parent…

One of the many wonderful privileges of being a parent is watching new skills form, watching your child grow and changeView full post »

This small town life…

Another week, come and gone. Another week closer to Bo’s first birthday. Another week further away from theView full post »

This small town life…

Another week has come and gone. It seems unbelievable really that time goes so fast. It’s been a week of ups andView full post »

Raising the bilingual child.

It was always very much in the plan to raise Bo bilingual. Cultural identity is such an important part of our sense ofView full post »

Where I am, right now.

We’ve been back in reality for a while now. Back in the place where it all happened. Sitting in front of theView full post »

This small town life…

For the first time in over a month (or has it been months?), Bo and I have had a week without any drama, without anyView full post »

Peace out mama… I was just messing with ya.

So it would seem my baby is no longer a baby. She is a havoc-wreaking, hellish toddler already… hiding things inView full post »

Coming home…

We arrived home yesterday afternoon. It was a strange sensation coming back to this house. This halfway house, halfwayView full post »

Happy New Year.

photo by Kate Heaslip Photography New Years eve is one of those nights where in the past I have found myself less thanView full post »

What I have learned…

It seems unbelievable to me that 2012 has come to a rapid end. This year that began with so much hope, so muchView full post »

Flying solo, with company…

Flying Solo during the holidays is not something that is foreign to me. I’ve spent many a Christmas alone (with myView full post »

So this was Christmas…

Surrounded by family, young and old, we celebrated Christmas. With simple gifts, and amazing food, Bo spent her dayView full post »

Dear Bo,

Dear Bo, Normally I only write these letters to you every three months. But this past month and a bit hasView full post »

This small town life…

When something really tragic happens in my life. I am always really amazed that the world just keeps on going. I mean,View full post »

Your heart is fierce.

My husband arrived in Australia on the 30th of November. He left again on Saturday the 8th of December. One weekView full post »

The week that was, is and will continue to be…

This week just gone was the hardest week of my life. There were revelations that rocked me to my very core. There wereView full post »

How we (mostly) conquered sleeplessness…

Sleep… it’s right up there with water as being essential for survival. Sleep deprivation is the absoluteView full post »

I thought I’d be grown up by now.

circa 1989 When I was a kid, I used to think that grown ups had it all figured out. When I was little, 25 seemedView full post »

This small town life…

We are one week closer. With less than two weeks to go now we are racing towards our family union faster and faster.View full post »

Dear Bo,

Dear Bo, Today you are nine months old. I can barely believe it. Nine months is a very important time for a mama.View full post »

This small town life…

Another week?! How is it possible? Time is flying. Which is great because now we are only 20 DAYS until Ni arrives andView full post »

This small town life…

It’s been a busy week in this house of Bo. You know, with all of the no-sleeping going on we’ve hadView full post »

This small town life…

We are settling into our small town life, Bo and I. We are staying at my mothers place about two hours south of Perth,View full post »

Open for transformation.

Today I look in the mirror and this is what I see. I see age where before there was only youth. I see exhaustion andView full post »