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Breaking the silence: Finding a way out of anger.

Anger is an unbelievably powerful emotion. It has the power to shift not only the way we feel inside, but the way weView full post »

A change in the season.

It has been autumn for almost a month, according to the calendar, but just this week I have really felt the change inView full post »


photo of Bo and I in the National Park at Noosa Heads by Cassie Forgiveness is something that I’ve been thinkingView full post »

When things don’t change…

When we were in Noosa, so was my husband. He was there realising one of his biggest dreams. Experiencing his holyView full post »

Breaking the silence: On being a single parent.

My husband had an affair, but long before he did this he made choices that kept him away from us. Right from the veryView full post »

Where I am, right now.

We’ve been back in reality for a while now. Back in the place where it all happened. Sitting in front of theView full post »

Coming home…

We arrived home yesterday afternoon. It was a strange sensation coming back to this house. This halfway house, halfwayView full post »

What I have learned…

It seems unbelievable to me that 2012 has come to a rapid end. This year that began with so much hope, so muchView full post »

Flying solo, with company…

Flying Solo during the holidays is not something that is foreign to me. I’ve spent many a Christmas alone (with myView full post »

This small town life…

It’s been a beautiful, long, exhausting week. With my 92 year old grandfather and Aunt arriving from Canada toView full post »

This small town life…

When something really tragic happens in my life. I am always really amazed that the world just keeps on going. I mean,View full post »

Thank you.

I got a message from my husband the other day. The message said. I am in the deepest, darkest hole. It’s been anView full post »

Your heart is fierce.

My husband arrived in Australia on the 30th of November. He left again on Saturday the 8th of December. One weekView full post »

The week that was, is and will continue to be…

This week just gone was the hardest week of my life. There were revelations that rocked me to my very core. There wereView full post »

Him and me and baby makes three…

It’s been a weird few days since Ni arrived, I haven’t written about it yet because I still don’tView full post »