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A little seed.

I’ve been living in the back room at my mothers house for a while now. Finding my strength. Finding my feet.View full post »

Chasing bliss – Meet Rebel on a Rainbow.

Everyone has a story to tell. Every single one of us is full of incredible stories and beautiful moments. Every one ofView full post »

Embracing the now.

Most of us were raised in a culture where we are taught to dream big, chase success, work hard move forward. This isView full post »

In pursuit of the blissful life.

My marriage has fallen apart.All of a sudden I’m alone and I there are moments where I can’t remember whoView full post »

This small town life…

One of my readers commented on my last post that it looks like Bo has grown up overnight. And I couldn’t agreeView full post »

November challenge… changing the way we look at food.

My transformation hasn’t really taken off just yet. What with the lack of sleep, I’ve been lucky to haveView full post »

Responsible hedonism and finding bliss…

Because doing good feels good too. Hedonists have been considered historically as being self-absorbed egotists whoView full post »