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Coming home.

We’ve been home for over a week now. To say I felt like the earth had been lifted out from under me when weView full post »

I’m lovin’ blogs… are you?

I had a long and rather convoluted conversation with a dear friend the other day about which online reader was theView full post »

Sponsor Inked…

We’ve undergone a few changes. I’ve always been a bit lax when it comes to selling ad space on Inked. IView full post »

Inked on The Homies

I discovered quite randomly the other day that Inked has been nominated for The Homies best Family and Kids blog. IView full post »

All about YOU…

Every few days I have a look at the stats from the blog and I’ve found it astounding to see how it has grown.View full post »

Thank you.

I got a message from my husband the other day. The message said. I am in the deepest, darkest hole. It’s been anView full post »