She only hears the music.

I was chatting with a dear friend this morning who told me that she heard this song on the radio and found tears, for me. So with a little trepidation I listened to it, and sure enough, the tears came. I did what I always do, I listen to the lyrics and I relate them to my own story, or to the story of someone I love (do you do that?). But then something else happened. As I was listening to the song, Bo started to dance. An enormous smile spread across her face. She shrieked with joy and jumped up and down in time with the music, spinning around the room.

She doesn’t hear the pain in the words, she only hears the music. Not only in this song but in our lives.

She only sees the joy, she only hears the music.

Yet again I am the student, to my tiny little teacher.

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