On the move… Already?!


Five months ago when we were patiently waiting for Bo’s grand arrival, we came to terms with one glaringly obvious fact about our daughter: she would do things her own way. We tried all of the natural induction methods to try to coax our little bundle into the world. I went to numerous acupuncture and acupressure sessions, I ate spicy food, I went on long walks up steep hills (which is NOT the most enjoyable thing for a very heavily pregnant woman, let me tell you) I even tried the dreaded castor oil (TWICE). Nothing happened. Barely a twinge. She was in for the long haul. After two long weeks of every Tom, Dick and Harry asking me “has that baby come yet?” she finally did. But even then, on her own terms. I went into labour late on Sunday evening… Bo was born 42 hours later on Tuesday afternoon. She certainly liked to make us wait. How times have changed. We amused ourselves, my husband and I, by imagining our laid back, surfer baby, who was utilising my womb much like her father utilises a hammock – once they get in, they are in no hurry to get out again. And this was true of her time in utero. But Bo, as she does, has continued to surprise us.

She’s always been a fast learner. And now this fast learner is becoming mobile, and fast! Rolling at three and a half months was something. Her backwards worm crawl at almost five months was something else. Now at five months and one week, she has mastered the art of her hands and knees and is trying, desperately to get the forward momentum to become the tornado she is set to be. You can see the glimmer of mischief in her eye as she’s up on all fours, rocking back and forward, clearly focused on something meters away… looking like a little tiger ready to pounce. She hasn’t quite figured it out yet, the momentum either propels her backward (much to her frustration), around in circles or forward onto her face (much to her amusement) where she busies herself with licking the floor and blowing very loud raspberries on the cool tiles.

I’m hoping this phase lasts a while, and that we don’t have a fully mobile five month old… we need a little time to prepare for the tornado. But I hoped for a quick easy labour… and let’s face it, I have absolutely 100% no say in the matter. I don’t know when she will start crawling, it could be tonight, it could be in a month or more. One thing I am sure of, Bo will do it, her way.

I’ve always said I will encourage my daughter to be independent, curious and strong willed – little did I know it would start so soon!


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  • July 24, 2012 - 4:21 am

    Claire - Love your photos. My little boy was never in a hurry to crawl but then one day he just took off. Magic moment 🙂ReplyCancel

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