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When I asked Monica Markovina if I could commission her to create a new logo for Inked, I knew I would need to be prepared for being challenged creatively. Monica’s work is spectacular, her drawings are detailed and every piece that she creates comes from not only a talented hand but a deep and thoughtful soul. When Bo was born, I was living practically across the road from this beautiful woman and her gorgeous family and in the handful of times I sat at the large table in their gorgeous home sipping tea and being fed (and fed… and fed) I got a mere glimpse of the power of the woman that is Monica Markovina.

Through emails and lost conversations and phone calls and laughter, the Inked logo was created. And it’s beautiful. I was set on the idea of a tree, the growth of love and life and earth and flexibility that a tree offers… Monica had different ideas, and thank goodness she did. When I sat out the back in the sunshine and listened to her talk of the butterfly and how it symbolises women and life and how it stands for all the things that I stand for, all the things that Inked stands for… to say I was convinced would be an understatement.

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The Butterfly is a metaphor and symbol of transformation, fertility and the feminine psyche. She is born, and then born once again, to become fully realised. Her beauty is complete, no adding or taking away. A non-aggressive and independent insect, she has an uncompromised vital instinct. Her purpose is simply is to be: to feast, to mate, and to pollinate amongst the flowers. She has no sense of shame towards herself or any others around her – she is wild and free. And for the short season that she lives, she is a delightful hymn to nature’s wonder. No striving, no hurry to be more, or better, or best. She just is. – Monica Markovina

Monica is a Chilean born, Australian artist who creates beautiful words and even more beautiful images. If you live in the Southern Highlands of NSW you may have been lucky enough to catch one of Monica’s inspiring exhibitions. Recently Monica held a solo exhibition, ‘La Fuerza.’ in Bowral which combined her artworks with her poetry. Monica is currently preparing for her 2014 solo exhibition of Austrlian Butterflies. If you live in NSW I suggest you go to see it when it opens, I know I would. It is bound to be spectacular.

Monica recently illustrated and directed one of the most powerful short film animations I have ever had the privilege of watching. ‘I’m Just a Child‘ should be shown in all schools, in all work places, in all homes… bullying is such a real issue and it doesn’t only affect our kids. It affects all of us. Monica’s beautiful stylised imagery and the amazing collaborative team of artists have put together such a wonderfully heart felt, poignant and powerful film that, I believe, speaks to people of all ages, stages and walks of life. Go. Watch it!

Thank you Mon, for all your hard work, for your passion and for your beautiful self. The world is a more beautiful place because you are in it.

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