For Mercy. For All.

DSC_0811-12PIN ITThe world can be a really scary place and the control the government has over the media circus is always cause for alarm.

We become submerged in some issues, our media streams completely saturated by them… and other great international tragedies, like the loss of thousands of people, wars we never hear of, unbelievable tragedies, natural disasters and heartbreaking accidents – all of which we hardly hear a word of. It makes you wonder doesn’t it… what they want us to think? How they want us to fight amongst ourselves, strong beliefs battling eachother. As long as we aren’t banding together. Because the government and the media, they know better than all of us that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

If only the people actually knew how to stop arguing and to have compassionate love for each other as human beings (on mass).

It’s been an emotional week in the heart of the world. With the tragedy in Nepal, the execution of the prisoners in Indonesia and wars being waged in different countries around the world, 300 women were found in Africa and will be freed from their captors (how on earth do we live in a world where 300 women can be abducted on mass?)… but in Australia all we have really heard about is the Indonesian execution: and much to the pleasure of the media the country is divided right down the middle. As an australian right now you are either for, or against (the execution).

I am against. I’m against the death penalty and I do not believe that there is an excuse to use it as a punishment in our modern world, I strongly believe in reform and transformation… that everyone deserves a chance to be better than they were, to give back to the world in some way – even if that is behind bars.

Can we ever truly be FOR an execution?

I am against it. It is murder of the most planned and prescribed kind… which in itself is one of the most atrocious things we can do.

I agree with everyone and their anger at the state of the world. I’m with you. I am. It’s awful.

But I am sick of the hypocracy. I watch as Australian government saturates the media with their lecturing of other countries behaviour on human rights issues.

Australia’s track record on human rights issues in recent years has been beyond abhorrent.

I call bullshit Australian Government.

If you stand for mercy in a way that goes far beyond a hashtag and a facebook rant… if you truly stand for mercy it is NOW time to call for an end to the closure of our remote aboriginal communities. It is NOW time to call for an end to the infinite detention of human beings whose only crime was to run from war torn lands, adults whose only crime was to try to give their families a better life, who would rather live, locked in atrocious conditions oat Manus and Nauru, centers were asylum seakers have lost their lives to the hands of other humans, where allegations of child abuse and sexual violence are rife… They would rather stay there, because they cannot go home… because despite the conditions they live in there, they would rather stay there than go back to where they came from.

If you really stand for mercy then NOW is the time to throw a spotlight on our own government, on the decisions that are being made in OUR country that are persecuting and instilling fear in thousands of human lives every single day – without any option of fair trial. We the people are better than this. If we value human life then there isn’t any space left for silence.

Let’s not forget Australia. It happens on home soil too. We are not innocent in any of this. We live in a country where at least 31 women have been murdered this year at the hands of their partner in domestic violence cases. In 2014 there were more than 260,000 cases of sexual violence in Australia alone… and sexual violence is one of the least reported crimes. It’s happening here. In our communities. In our families. In our neighbourhood.

We live in a world of comfort while our government hands out great human rights violations to other people every single day. We live in communities where people are suffering and most of the time we don’t even see them. Are we too complacent? If we don’t reach out our hands to each other, if we don’t speak out against those who commit these crimes… can we really be for mercy?

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, and this is mine. But when all we do is talk, and we don’t follow it up with action. When all we do is light candles, and we don’t follow it up by standing together and holding eachother up even when we make human mistakes. When we don’t forgive and we don’t give eachother an opportunity to change. When we don’t protect our neighbours. When we turn a blind eye so as ‘not to get involved…’ Then what’s it all for?

If we don’t stand up. If we don’t do something where we can. Can we truly be for mercy at all?

The beautiful thing is we can change. Each of us. We can do something more. We can be something more. Every little thing we do… can truly be for mercy. For all.


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