Meet the sponsors.

Ever since we added sponsors to Inked in Colour we have been so lucky to grow some pretty lovely reciprocal relationships with some awesome dudes and gals at some great blogs and businesses. It is important to me that the relationships that we form are strong, it is also really important to me that the advertising on this space is sold to companies who I personally think are really cool and who I buy from and read and love with or without the advertising dollars.

So, here they are, our June/July sponsors on Inked, some have beautiful products for sale, others have beautiful stories. Give them a little love. You know you wanna…

babyempPIN IT  LilybettandboyPIN IT BerthPIN IT TrulysanctuaryPIN IT totheseaPIN IT  ub2PIN IT

Would you like to see yourself here in a post next month? Do you have a great product that you would love us to feature or a story think Inked readers would love?

Send me an email at sash(at) or check out our sponsors page for more info on how to get involved.

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