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We’ve got some lovely sponsors on our sidebar this month. Some old favourites that you’ve seen around these parts before and you should see again (they have LOVELY new stock)! And some new lovelies that I am so pleased to have on board!

Our sponsors support Bo and I and help make a lot of what goes on behind the scenes here possible. It means a lot to me and I know it would mean a lot to my sponsors if you went and visited their lovely stores/sites/blogs. Each of the sponsors on our sidebar are there because I believe in what they do, I support their businesses and I think you’d love them too!

Check them out (click on the pics to visit the websites)

trulysanctuaryfPIN IT ArtofgesturePIN IT


This beautiful blog is whimsical and political and thoughtful and powerful and is peppered with spectacular images that clearly come from the eye of an artist. Layla has a wonderful way with words, if you haven’t “met” her yet, you should pop over and say hi. This page is an excellent place to start (and this post is one of my absolute favourites)

ashlocdesignsPIN IT cakecrumbsPIN IT


Peggy is a woman after my own heart. Once I had lunch with her and we sat and we chatted about food and blogs and love and life and everything in between and it felt like I had known her forever. She’s an excellent soul and makes some damn good looking (and tasting, no doubt) food… Do you love cake? Do you love cake as much as Peggy does? Check out this total drool fest… Ub2finPIN IT

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