Life out loud.

So tell me when you think we’re gonna rise?
Wake from this slumber wipe the tears from our eyes?
Yes from this nightmare yes I must now wake, open my fist my destiny I take!
Good people sick and tired of being pushed around, we call them kings but I see no crown.
Tell me when you think we’ll just stand up?
Say enough is enough is enough, enough, I’m saying…

Music, it’s the best medicine for anything that ails you. On the weekend I stood in the crowd surrounded by happy, passionate, powerful people and had a nice big dose of the only medicine I really need. Music.There was a young couple swaying to my left. A middle aged couple and their ten year old singing along in front of me. A woman joyfully laughing as she danced with more gusto than I’ve ever seen anyone dance before. Countless children balanced on shoulders of parents and aunties and uncles and grandparents. There were couples kissing and kids running hand in hand through the pit. There were glow sticks and picnic blankets and calls out into the wild for justice. There was a hand on my waist and a hell of a lot of hope in my heart. Hope for change. There was a large crowd of people in one place, on one night, and there was nothing but love and light and music. People looking out for each other… I could feel it in the crowd. A little revolution. People who give a shit, not just about music but about change. Not just about famous dudes with guitars but about each other too. People passionate about the land we live on. Passionate about our community. Passionate about our future.

People living out loud. Together.

I drank a couple of beers and balanced a wicked gozleme on top of my can as I leaned against a wire fence. I watched two local girls sing songs that reminded me of my past. I listened to new songs that reminded me of my future. I watched the crowd ebb and flow around me, a crowd as diverse as any street corner. I chatted and laughed with a wonderful new friend. We talked about past lives and bright futures and new friends. We talked a lot about change. Change in ourselves and change in the world around us. I was reminded again that change doesn’t need to be scary, sometimes it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Nothing is as wonderful as what lays ahead of us, the story that has yet to be told.

Change is a powerful thing… and it’s in the air all around us.

We have the chance to make a little bit of change this weekend here in WA. A load of votes “fell off a truck” after the last election and we get the opportunity to vote again to make a difference. I’ll be voting Green and  as always I’ll be voting carefully below the line. Every voice matters. Your voice matters. Educate yourself on local politics and make your decisions carefully. Let’s make a little bit of change. Together.

Running through the fire, running through the flame,
Running through the hatred, pushing through the blame,
Running through the hopelessness and shame,
Revolution already underway…

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