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PIN IT PIN ITWith the best of intentions to get a really interesting blog up today about one of the issues in the parenting world that is being discussed… well, it should be clear to you by now that instead of writing about an interesting issue I am writing about writing about it – which means I don’t have much of interest to write today. I’ve been a bit busy with this cheeky little monster who is hell bent on walking around me, the furniture and anything else she can get her little hands on to steady those wobbly legs. We are down to our last few days in Perth before heading home to Indonesia and NOTHING I have read online this week has given me the inspiration to respond. So instead, you get this.

Sorry about that. At least the picture is cute, right?

We have a few days of catchups, meals and over-indulging in the love of family and friends ahead of us before we are village bound. I’ve been lost a little in the thought of what will become of us in the next six months. Reminding myself that it is now that I need to just sit back, breathe and exist. We’ve done everything we need to do for now. We have exciting adventures booked and a few fun things on the horizon… visa’s, jobs and real world responsibilities are around the corner and whatever will be, will be. I need someone to sit on my shoulder and chant this in my ear from time to time… whatever will be will be.

The winner of the UB2 Baby Bonnet give away is Carinna Abraham. Carinna you should hear from the lovely Colette soon to organise the delivery of your gorgeous new hat!

Our Baby Beau and Belle give away is still on! Gotta be in it to win it!


Oh, and I think Bo has finally started teething. Seven months is pretty good before we had any signs. We’ve had a few days of rosy cheeks and some serious cot chewing. At least she uses her cot for something!! Wonder how long it will be before we see a tooth. I find it hard to imagine what she will look like… time will tell though, I’m sure of that much.


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