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I was very honoured to be invited to be a regular contributor on one of my favourite female-friendly sites on the internet. The Conversation is my go-to for inspirational posts, good vibes and happy feelings. It is a place where women come together, share their stories,inspire positivity and love.It’s a place where women come together and instead of that horrid competition (that let’s face it, many female centered websites seem to harbour) that breeds nothing but guilt, pain and mistrust – it’s a place that celebrates honest and that provides not only sentimentality but also humour.

My first post has been featured on the website this week. Talking about responsible hedonism is not a new thing for me. I’ve always been quite passionate about lifestyle design and out-of-the-box thinking. Believing that you HAVE to live a certain way because that’s how your parents lived, how your society lives or how you have been taught to live… well, it just makes me a bit sad. The fact is, we all have responsibilities… and we all have choices. What you choose today will affect your life tomorrow, and that’s a beautiful thing. YOU have the power to design our life to be whatever you want it to be… If you feel the inclination, pop on over and have a read of my post and some of the other wonderful posts by amazing writers that are sure to have you in tears one moment and in absolute hysterics the next.

Thanks to The Conversation team for welcoming me so lovingly into the fold.


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