Inked on The Homies


I discovered quite randomly the other day that Inked has been nominated for The Homies best Family and Kids blog. I have no idea who nominated  us, One of YOU I suppose. I’d never heard of these blog “awards” before but I’m really pleased to have been nominated and to be in the list of so many blogs that I read regularly and so many women that I deeply respect.

We aren’t anywhere near the top… and as we are a much newer, less established blog than most… that doesn’t surprise me. It’s nice to have been mentioned. So whoever you are who did this, thank you. You made my day when I found out. It was a lovely warm and fuzzy… a little pick me up just when I needed it.

Voting is open for the next few days, then it closes, then it reopens with a smaller (the top blogs) group.

If you would like to vote for us, we’d love that! You can do so by following this link and creating a little account with Apartment Therapy and just clicking on Inked in Colour.

xx Biggest love to you all.

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