Here we are (GUEST POST)

Sash’s village and city life posts are always such a gorgeous glimpse into her ordinary, which to some of us is extraordinary.  It’s made me think about my surroundings in a different light.  To me, my suburban life is about as bog-standard as you can get.  My mind doesn’t register anything particularly glamourous or exotic about our everyday, and sometimes it’s hard to stop and see our life for what it is.

To be honest, this post has been sitting unfinished for quite some time.  I’ve avoided taking any photos for it because no time seemed quite pretty enough.  But that in itself is the just the kind of negative self-talk that hides from me the multitude of blessings that are in my everyday.

As is such a common theme here on Inked, it is possible to see that everywhere there is beauty.  Everywhere there is inspiration. For me it’s a matter of putting “commercialism” on mute, stripping away the wants and the wishes that so often cast a dullness upon what I see when I look around me.  To ignore the cluttered counter tops, to ignore the ugliness of fluorescent lights and instead see all that they light up.


In every life there is beauty, however masked.  In every day there is joy, however small.

Cassie is the writer, mama and all round top chick. She may be one of my favourite people… Her gorgeous family is something that I inspire to be, her relationship, the love… it’s something I wish for. Check out her gorgeous blog, her awesome boys and her beautiful life over at her blog, Cassie Nguyen is Homing. xox Thanks for the photos Cassie!

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  • December 30, 2012 - 4:44 am

    Cassie Nguyen - Thank you for the beautiful words, Sash. xoxoxReplyCancel

  • December 30, 2012 - 9:08 am

    Kathy SJ - Thank you, Cassie. Gorgeous photos and words! It’s so true – the commercialism surrounding us exists solely to convince us that we don’t (and will never) have enough. And yet, ‘enough’ is here… if you just look a bit closer!ReplyCancel

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