Having Twins… (GUEST POST)

PIN ITIt wasn’t until the summer of 2000 that I decided I ever wanted to get married and have children, it was the summer my oldest sister got married. Before that I’d never given any thought to what my wedding or husband or having a family would be like, I was too busy experiencing life my way, traveling, meeting all kinds of people, learning as much as I could about the world I lived in. I wasn’t in a rush to meet him so it wasn’t until late 2008 I met the man I would marry, we were married din June 2010 and just 15 months later we were new parents to identical twin girls.

Identical twins are not hereditary, it is a fluke of nature that scientist say can be cause by advanced age in pregnancy, I was 32 when I became pregnant. Neither I or my husband have twins in our families, ever. I never in a million years even thought about having twins. I am sure at some point in my childhood I thought about how fun it would be to be a twin, but the thought of having my own never crossed my mind. Until that day in early March 2011. I was shocked when I found out the news and now 22 months later I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

In the beginning I was angry sometimes that I couldn’t do things like moms of singletons. It is impossible to hold two infant babies in your arms at the same time unless someone hands you the second one. It’s frustrating as a new mom to not be able to do it all yourself. The time when this is the most disheartening is in the middle o f the night, when one baby is crying so you go to comfort it and as soon as your do the other starts crying, and I knew, standing there in the dark at three am that if I laid the baby in my arms down it would start crying again, but either way a baby would cry and there was almost nothing I could do, except go get my husband, he has been completely hands on since day one. Aside from not being able to hold and cuddle both babies at once in those first few months, the rest of it just takes more time, two diapers to change, four socks and four shoes to get on, two car seats to buckle and a huge overstuffed diaper bag to take everywhere. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


At fourteen months Talia and Jordan are each others best friend, watching them play together and make each other laugh is the joy of my lifetime. I am in awe everyday of how fast they learn and how their cuteness just melts my heart. My husband and I love being parents to twins, it’s not without it’s struggles that I am sure most new parents face, but with the first year behind us we are beginning to see that it does get easier and we are getting pretty good at it.


This guest post was written by Julie Samet from Smiling Watermelon. Check out more pictures of her GORGEOUS girls, awesome DIY tips and lots of great stories over on her blog.

Thanks for sharing Julie!

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