Good Food: The stuffed eggplant.


We all know that veggies are good for us. That we should eat them, and so eat we do. I love vegetables and I love vegetarian food but I often find that I lack inspiration in beautiful vegetarian cooking. And then the other day, I made something that was so delicious, it’s very worth sharing. It’s easy, CHEAP and delicious (for both mama and baby) and is all veg (plus tomato). You can easily substitute any of the ingredients (except the eggplant) for veggies you have laying around. I made this with the stuff in my fridge, but there are heaps of other options that would work really well.

Yum. Get it in ya!


What you need:

A nice big eggplant (or a few small ones)
A carrot
A zucchini
Fresh homemade bread crums or a cup of quinoa.
Bay leaves
A couple of spoonfuls of Fetta
Brown Onion
One tin of good quality tomatoes (with no nasties)
One tin of good quality chickpeas (or dried prepared, also no nasties)

What you do:

Preheat your oven to 180′-ish (I just guess with these things…)

Chop your eggplants down the middle and scoop out the insides leaving a nice shell. Chop up the innards.

Dice the onion, zucchini and grate the carrot and add them all with the eggplant to your saucepan with a big heap of crushed garlic and some coconut oil. Add the tomatoes and chickpeas and a full tin of water (or good quality veggie stock). Add a big heaped spoon of cumin and a couple of bay leaves.

Simmer until its yummy and soft and smells awesome.

Put the eggplant halves into an oven-safe dish and then scoop the warm mixture in. Fill them up and then sprinkle breadcrumbs or cooked quinoa on the top and some crumbled Fetta cheese. Add some extra watery sauce around the bottom to keep the moisture in. Cover in foil and put in the oven.

Bake until the outer eggplant is soft.

Serve with a leafy salad and some fresh natural yoghurt. YUM!

You will have leftover mix that wont fit in the eggplants. That’s OK. Blend it up and put it in the freezer to use for another time. It makes an AWESOME pasta sauce.

Enjoy xox PIN IT

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    Ecky - OMG I’m so going to have this for lunch! I have all the ingredients except the eggplant, thanks Sash!ReplyCancel

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