Good Food: The Green Smoothie Diaries II


You don’t need me to tell you again how much I have been loving green smoothies. I hope lots of you tried my Every Day Green Smoothie a few weeks ago. Since then I have been looking online and experimenting with different flavours and Bo and I have a Green Smoothie for breakfast most days of the week now.

This one rocks and I always have all of the ingredients in my fridge which means its a great snack any time of day.


The “All Green” Green Smoothie

Two or three big handfuls of baby spinach (or kale or english spinach)
Freshly chopped Mint
1/2 cup-ish of Kefir (you can substitute with yoghurt if necessary)
1 cup-ish of good quality Coconut milk (or cows milk or any other kind of nut milk works well)
A handful of Green grapes
One small Green apple (skin on if you have an awesome blender, skin off if yours is lazy like mine)
A smallish banana
A squeeze of fresh Lime juice

This smoothie can be a little tart depending on how sour your fruits are. If it’s too sour add a bit more banana or a couple of small figs(YUM!) for a bit of natural sweetness. Our farmers market is overflowing with beautiful ripe figs at the moment so I’m using them a lot in our cooking and they are divine.

Blend all ingredients together. Add a dash of fresh water if it’s too thick or some ice (I prefer to just blend cold/frozen fruit/spinach)

If you have any leftovers they keep well in a thermos in the fridge (in a tight capped thermos the smoothie doesn’t separate so much) for about 24 hours.

Enjoy the freshness!


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