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Have you been thinking about sponsoring Inked but it’s always been just a little out of reach? Now is the time to get on board!

I’m so pleased with our new design and have made a few little upgrades to our sponsor bar and to celebrate I’d like to offer some awesome discount codes for sponsorship on the blog! Sharing the love is something that we love to do here at Inked and even better at a discounted price! There are two different discounts, one for businesses and one for bloggers because, let’s face it, bloggers generally have less money to promote their blog than a business has to promote their product.

Share these awesome deals around and jump on board the Inked bandwagon. The discounts are valid if you purchase one month, two months or more but the codes are only valid for the next week so be quick as our limited spaces are likely to fill quickly.

For businesses:

20% off any badge size with the code: businesslove

For bloggers:

35% off any badge size with the code: bloglove


Big love, S. xx

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