For you, Abah


Sunday was fathers day in Australia. The very first fathers day for Ni and one he spent in the surf and on the beach miles away from the little girl that made this day mean something to him. For such a young family we have already spent an awful amount of time apart. Ni in one place and Bo and I in another. It’s not easy, but it is for the greater good and soon enough (fingers crossed) the visas will go through and by the end of the year we will be together, and will be free to travel together from place to place without worry.

We talk a lot about what it is to be a mother. About how hard it is, how rewarding it is… the challenges. We don’t hear as many stories about (or from) fathers. There are a few wonderful dad blogs out there. My favourite has just been discontinued. It was a really honest, thoughtful blog from an awesome dad about his gorgeous family (and AMAZING garden). You can check it out here. It’s over now though, and I’m in search of another awesome daddy blog… do you have any suggestions?

We spent our fathers day with my father and my siblings and their children. Bo didn’t know the significance of the day, but when we hooked up Skype for our nightly chat with her Abah, she sat quietly in front of the computer without doing her usual seek-and-destroy attack on the keyboard. And then dutifully showed off her new tricks for her dad, whilst he watched and laughed and cheered (as she pulled her self up, and walked along holding on to the side of the couch here), sandy and windswept from his favourite spot on the beach.

Happy (belated) fathers day. We love you Ni and we couldn’t do any of it without you. Thank you for being ours.



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  • September 5, 2012 - 6:36 pm

    Rachel - I know what you’re going through with the visa work! We are going through that at the moment. After nearly six years of marriage and a sudden exit from China, we realised how foolish it was of us not to have secured permanent residency for the other in at least one of our countries. We’re in Australia now, working on PR for my hubby so we can come and go as we please too. Here’s to awesome daddies!ReplyCancel

  • September 5, 2012 - 9:03 pm

    MonicaBradnan - I live in the same city as the Mashalls & hang out with mutual friends even though I do not know them personally (yet). He is one of the most talented people I have ever seen with a camera. It’s completely baffling to me all he can say in one shot. They are truly a beautiful family and totally authentic.
    Somehow it’s really neat how I in Orlando enjoy reading about you in Indo/Aus and yet you enjoy Ryan’s blog from Orlando.ReplyCancel

    • September 6, 2012 - 8:31 pm

      Sash - That is pretty cool Monica. The world goes round and round and we are all connected, in some way or another. I love how wonderfully small the world is sometimes (and other times unbelievably large)ReplyCancel

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