For Work? Or Play?

Did we come for work or play? Perth was all about vaccinations really… and since we’ve done that (Bo came through it like the stoic little girl that she is – albeit with a pretty upset tummy from to rotavirus vac) there was a big list of fun things to do along the way. Lots of time with family and friends was on the cards for us. And we lunched, and went to parks and braved the cold, cold mornings. I’ve consumed my weight in warm vanilla chai tea’s and soft breads and delicious treats. Bo has mastered the art of sitting in a high chair, grabbing her own feet and fake coughing (which is apparently, hysterical). We’ve learnt about wholefoods (more about this later – I feel a change in the air people, I’m in absolute awe) and had lots of special times. Bo has been utterly spoilt with love and cuddles and beautiful handmade toys and clothes.

Bo and I have had a few different work meetings this week. Bo, being my little velcro baby, comes with me everywhere, rain or shine – work or play. She’s there… making noise. She showed great form this week though, with the two of us meeting with Ripe in Subiaco about an exciting new pregnancy blog… she giggled and chortled and pretty much charmed everyone in the store. There are exciting things on the horizon. Our return to Indonesia is imminent.


I’m very lucky. I get to fly back to my home town and spend time with the people that I love, doing things that I love to do. I get to work doing what I love and make enough money for our simple life by doing it. This wasn’t always the case, and won’t be the case forever – and I haven’t always known what it was that I wanted to do and often I have no idea where it is I want to be. Such is the life of a wanderer… forever homesick, forever chasing adventure, forever loving, living and lusting after what comes next.

Sometimes it’s just nice to stop and enjoy exactly where you are at that precise moment in time, wherever it may be, whether it’s for work or play.


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