Flashback to Borneo

Beautiful Malaysian Borneo. Doesn’t get much more beautiful than this incredible island. From helping release the baby turtles into the ocean to lending a hand with the orangutan rehabilitation reserve… this amazing island offered an insight into the natural world and a huge wakeup call for me. Showing me the damage we do, as humans, to our beautiful world.

I came back from Borneo with a greater respect for our earth and a more mindful attitude towards my every day life. Borneo instilled in me a drive to live a life that is less about consumption and more about appreciation. It helps me to look back at these photos and to remember. Remember the islands. Remember the animals and the honesty and the joy.

Remember that simple is best. Every time.

PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN IT PIN ITSepilok Reserve: Our old friends/Fun in the River/ Water Safari at sunrise: Northern jungle/ Pygmy Elephants in the wild: Northern Borneo/ Secret spot in the jungle/ Wildlife in the rainforest /Hot, hot, hot chillies /Market baby/ Friendly local/ Kickin’ back /Pulau Tiga /Spot the crab /Two little figures on the ocean at sunset, Kota Kinabalu.

Simple living is something I am really passionate about. But I find I lose my way… I find I get sucked into the machine. Sometimes it is so easy to forget. Then I look at these photos. And I remember.

So many places. So much beauty. So many lessons learned. And re-learned.


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