First foods: the gentle way.


After our first unsuccessful encounter with Pear and Rice Cereal, we gave it a while  before even venturing back into the land of first-foods. I had always planned on trying baby lead weaning… which I’m sure we will talk more about later. But because she is so little, I wasn’t really sure how to start. Bo turned five months old on Saturday, and in celebration devoured a massive chunk of mango. I’m not much of a product endorser, by choice, but these little food nets that are around are fabulous. I’m so glad I decided to pick up couple up last time we were in Australia. I was planning on just using soft Muslin for her to suck the fruit through, but these little nets are better for her to hold onto, easier for me to clean and she gets more of the fruit fibers (the good stuff) into her, instead of just the juice… which I love.

I’m not a huge fan of rice cereal in general and the plan is to stock up on lentils and chickpeas next time we are in a city and start introducing those proteins in a month or two. For now, we are on a bit of a food adventure together. Trying new things, and making  an awesomely sticky mess wherever we go. Most exploration sessions end with either a dip in the ocean, a splash under the tap at the beach or an outside-bath…

In the past few weeks she has happily sucked on banana, watermelon, mango and orange. It took her about a week to really get the hang of using the nets, but now she pops the end straight in her mouth and sucks the fruit right through in no time. Mango is definitely the favourite, so we are eagerly awaiting the enormous amount of green mangoes hanging from the tree in our front yard to ripen so we can really enjoy them!

This wonderfully gentle approach to first foods as reminded me how lovely it is to just exist, the three of us… as we sit outside on our front porch, sharing fruit, sticky-faced gummy grins and just watching the world go by.



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