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Dear Bo

Dear Bo, Yesterday you turned four. When you woke up you whispered in my ear, ‘I feel very different todayView full post »

Breaking the silence: Single Parenthood Three Years On

I wrote my first post about single parenthood three years ago. For whatever reason it is still the most read post onView full post »

Wandering children

“Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” ― Charles Dickens IView full post »


“I’ll love you forever Bo.” “No you won’t. One day you will be dead.” LongView full post »

Those daddies

“Some daddies live with there babies, hey mama?” Yes, that’s right. Some do, some don’t. EveryView full post »

Sing with me.

 “Mama, when you sing you have to put your voice inside my voice..” “You mean sing together? Both ofView full post »

When you grow up

“When I grow up I’m going to be a princess farmer fairy… what are you going to be when you grow upView full post »

Single {and parenting}

photo by the beautiful Emma Galloway A few months ago, when Bo was not yet three, we were driving back from the cityView full post »

To listen is to learn.

There has been a lot of noise lately. A lot of it coming from me. I’ve spent the past 8 months of my lifeView full post »


I got divorced this week. On Tuesday morning I stood in regional family court in front of a magistrate, alone. NoView full post »

A community driven by a mothers heart…

It took me a long time to find and become even a tiny part of a community that felt like home. After I returned fromView full post »


“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” ― A.AView full post »

10 ways to ease the weaning blues.

When I weaned Bo once and for all she was just a few weeks shy of two years old. It was a battle of its own. It wasView full post »

Reuse: Washable sidewalk chalk paint.

Do you have a kid that loves being outside making stuff? I do. I’ve found it is 100% the best way to keepView full post »

The end of a journey.

I never really imagined that I would be the sort of parent that would get sentimental or overly emotional about theView full post »

The best kind of education…

One of the most uneducated and insulting things we as human beings can do is to take our privilege for granted. To getView full post »

The inconsistent mother.

I have heard one thing over and over again throughout my parenting journey. Children thrive on consistency. There areView full post »

Dear Bo – 50 things I want you to know.

Dear(est) Bo, My sweet challenging, headstrong little toddler. I’ve been thinking a lot about this letter toView full post »

Fostering creative play: exploring nature

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” — Plato To a child, theView full post »


“You have brains in your head You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself in any direction you choose” ― Dr.View full post »

Weaning hell.

I’ve been trying to wean Bo for over a month now, or is it two? I can’t keep track. I’m struggling. IView full post »

Full of yourself?

Social media is running rife. It controls so much of what we do. So many times I hear, hang on, just hold it rightView full post »

Fostering creativity: Play for play’s sake.

All you have to do is walk down a toy aisle in a department store to see an overwhelming amount of toys that areView full post »

Fostering creativity: gendered toys and stereotypes

There is a lot of talk about how outdated gendered stereotypes are. I talk about it often. We all know that our littleView full post »

Sustainable baby: Tips for consuming less.

It’s no secret that we consume far too much. We buy too many things. We don’t recycle as much as weView full post »

Fostering creativity: encouraging imaginative play.

Is there anything more magical than the imagination of a child? I remember vividly some of the most beautiful momentsView full post »


My mother and her three. “Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decideView full post »

This holiday life…

Wow. Well, traveling for three weeks whilst couch hopping with a toddler in tow… is… exhausting! We areView full post »

Women and Babies…

Making babies is a right of passage for a woman. In past lives we would have gathered together around the birth of aView full post »

Embracing the now.

Most of us were raised in a culture where we are taught to dream big, chase success, work hard move forward. This isView full post »

The privilege of being a parent…

One of the many wonderful privileges of being a parent is watching new skills form, watching your child grow and changeView full post »

Breaking the silence: On motherhood.

When I think about the way that our society expects us to parent, I am surprised. Surprised that there aren’tView full post »

In pursuit of the blissful life.

My marriage has fallen apart.All of a sudden I’m alone and I there are moments where I can’t remember whoView full post »

Raising the bilingual child.

It was always very much in the plan to raise Bo bilingual. Cultural identity is such an important part of our sense ofView full post »

Because EVERYONE has a story to tell…

I’ve been getting so many beautiful emails over the past few weeks. Emails from readers all around the world.View full post »

Him and me and baby makes three…

It’s been a weird few days since Ni arrived, I haven’t written about it yet because I still don’tView full post »

How we (mostly) conquered sleeplessness…

Sleep… it’s right up there with water as being essential for survival. Sleep deprivation is the absoluteView full post »

Eating Green…

Loving good wholefoods as a part of our November Challenge… xoxView full post »

What are we so afraid of?

In Australia last week, not far from where Bo and I are living right now, a young girl was given detention for huggingView full post »


She’s a talker… like her mama. She has a lot to say and from the moment she get’s up to the time sheView full post »