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Make your own: All natural wood finish

I love rescued furniture. Furniture would tell a thousand stories, if only it could. Old furniture was built to last,View full post »

Week 12: Radically Simple.

I’ve found myself frustrated this week. I’ve been reading a few different books from people who have doneView full post »

Nothing New: Week ten, the transition.

For a while I thought that I had this project figured out. Don’t buy anything new, it’s so simple.View full post »

Reuse: Washable sidewalk chalk paint.

Do you have a kid that loves being outside making stuff? I do. I’ve found it is 100% the best way to keepView full post »

Nothing new: Week Eight

I’ve been struggling a little bit with my sense of self in the past few weeks, not the usual mother-guiltView full post »

Reuse: Make your own tinted chalk paint.

Not buying anything new has been easy, for the most part… except when it comes to cool things to make coolView full post »

Nothing new: Week six

When I started this project, I thought it would be hard. I thought I’d have heaps to write about. I thought itView full post »

Nothing New: the first month.

It’s been a month now.  A month of buying nothing new. A month of no frivolous spending. A month of borrowing andView full post »

Nothing New – The Rules.

Before I lay out my (finally) formulated rules for our year of Nothing New, let me just make a few things clear. I amView full post »

Resisting the urge to spend.

I’m not your “average” consumer. I routinely look for second hand bargains, I’m big onView full post »

On the process, the decisions and gaining momentum.

It was a couple of days after Christmas. I was sitting in the stinking heat of the middle of the day, sorting throughView full post »

More than enough

I have embarked on my great personal project of 2014. We are not great collectors of things. Experiences, yes. ButView full post »

Home-made baby bath bomb perfection.

Some may call it poor planning, others ingenuity, but whichever way you see the journey, here we are. Yesterday we ranView full post »

A bum in cloth.

cute, soft and enviro-happy… Bo in one of her 2nd hand Itti Bitti’s I never thought that I would beView full post »