Boiling point…

THat sickness that was mentioned before, got worse… and worse… and worse. Until yesterday Bo has a boiling fever of 39.5C she was so unhappy. I knew it had to happen eventually… sickness takes its toll on each and every one of us from time to time – but this precious little creature, well this was her first real knock around and it was awful to watch.

She would sit up and try to laugh and wave her hands and then would just burst into tears at the sheer difficulty of it all. We sat by her side under the fan applying damp face-washers gently to her hot skin and singing her soft songs to try and calm her little soul. She would smile and suck ferociously on a water soaked towel until she remembered how just plain awful she was feeling and then she would cry again. She spent most of the pat few days nuzzled against my chest, so I could truly feel the extreme heat of her little body.

She’s better now, still a bit hot and feverish but not nearly as bad as yesterday. We are hoping (like we have been every night for the past ten days) that when she wakes in the morning, she will be one million times better. She’s happier now, which is a great relief… having a sick child is SCARY. And we are eternally grateful that we have never had to suffer through it before and that it is nothing serious. My love goes out to those parents with sick children, I don’t know how you handle that stress, that pain and that worry day in day out. Well I do, you just do, with love. But it is exhausting and heart breaking and I have the greatest empathy and respect for you. For sure.

The winner of the Stitches for Sisters give-away is Elise – you should get an email soon so you can start working with the girls to get your beautiful prize. Congratulations!!


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  • October 3, 2012 - 7:39 pm

    Elise Harrison - I’m so glad BoBear is on the mend. Being isolated would make her being sick 100 times more scary! It’s horrible to see them unwell & not themselves!

    Yay to winning 🙂
    Thanks lovely lady!ReplyCancel

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