Monthly Archives: June 2014

What buying nothing is teaching me about giving…

Bo and I are moving out of our place this week, we are moving into transitional accommodation as we continue toView full post »

Good food: A cleansing drink for the winter season

We’ve had the winter blues a bit this week. Sniffles and coughs and general cold in our bones from our draftyView full post »

Week 25: The next phase

We are entering the next phase of our Nothing New project. Over the next week we are packing up our home and putting aView full post »

Good Food: Spiced Pumpkin Muffins + a nod to my heritage

When Bo and I were in Canada last year, we were there at my favourite time of the year. Fall. When the leaves areView full post »

Week 24: Why are we doing this again?

We are gearing up for a shift into a new phase of the project that is going to give us a new approach and willView full post »

Good Food: Lemon + Raspberry Cake

Some weeks are just disastrous in our house. I love cooking, but some days my baking exploits turn out a right shockingView full post »

Week 22: On rocky ground…

I noticed holes in my favourite t-shirt and my most comfortable leggings this week, and it nearly sent me into a miniView full post »

A community driven by a mothers heart…

It took me a long time to find and become even a tiny part of a community that felt like home. After I returned fromView full post »