Monthly Archives: February 2014

Nothing new: Week Eight

I’ve been struggling a little bit with my sense of self in the past few weeks, not the usual mother-guiltView full post »

Good food: Roasted Tomato Soup (for the soul)

Not even a hot Australian summer can outdo the need for the warmth and comfort of a good bowl of soup from time toView full post »


When the light is at its softest, it casts its longest and deepest shadows. I love the light, its warmth and itsView full post »

Reuse: Make your own tinted chalk paint.

Not buying anything new has been easy, for the most part… except when it comes to cool things to make coolView full post »

Good food: The Best Granola. Ever.

I’ve had a love affair with granola and museli for a long time. I prefer it toasted and packed full of goodView full post »

Dear Bo,

Dearest Bo, Today is your 2nd birthday. It would be terribly cliche of me to say how fast this little milestone hasView full post »

Nothing new: Week six

When I started this project, I thought it would be hard. I thought I’d have heaps to write about. I thought itView full post »

Good food: Spiced Eggplant

I’ve been exploring more of my food options locally… seeing as I’m unable to produce much qualityView full post »

Good food – Dehydrated.

As a part of our Nothing New project, I’ve cut out almost all of our packaged food… this includes theView full post »


I wasn’t much into summer when I was a teenager. I was of the more gothic variety. I wore black jeans andView full post »

The end of a journey.

I never really imagined that I would be the sort of parent that would get sentimental or overly emotional about theView full post »