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You make me feel like dancing…

One more day till Ni arrives and I couldn’t be more excited.And in celebration, Bo learned how toView full post »

Advice to my teenage self

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up.. Maybe it has something to do with being back in my mothers houseView full post »

How we (mostly) conquered sleeplessness…

Sleep… it’s right up there with water as being essential for survival. Sleep deprivation is the absoluteView full post »

This small town life…

Another week down makes it less than one week until Ni is here and we are all together. This mama can’t wait!View full post »

I thought I’d be grown up by now.

circa 1989 When I was a kid, I used to think that grown ups had it all figured out. When I was little, 25 seemedView full post »


Oh the sickness… I was never a very stoic sick person, as my mother perhaps aptly tells me, I’m a bitView full post »

This small town life…

We are one week closer. With less than two weeks to go now we are racing towards our family union faster and faster.View full post »

Dear Bo,

Dear Bo, Today you are nine months old. I can barely believe it. Nine months is a very important time for a mama.View full post »

Eating Green…

Loving good wholefoods as a part of our November Challenge… xoxView full post »

Feminism is not a dirty word.

I am a feminist. There I said it. Loud and proud. And I don’t know why you wouldn’t be. I know lots ofView full post »

This small town life…

Another week?! How is it possible? Time is flying. Which is great because now we are only 20 DAYS until Ni arrives andView full post »

What are we so afraid of?

In Australia last week, not far from where Bo and I are living right now, a young girl was given detention for huggingView full post »


She’s a talker… like her mama. She has a lot to say and from the moment she get’s up to the time sheView full post »

This small town life…

It’s been a busy week in this house of Bo. You know, with all of the no-sleeping going on we’ve hadView full post »

November challenge… changing the way we look at food.

My transformation hasn’t really taken off just yet. What with the lack of sleep, I’ve been lucky to haveView full post »

Obsessed with sleep.

Sleep deprivation. There is a reason it is used as a form of torture. If my body was a gas tank and sleep was thatView full post »