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This Village Life…

Sometimes life is hard. Really hard. And other times it’s not. We’ve been having one of those really hardView full post »

Doing good and feeling good… it’s the same thing right? (SPONSORED & GIVEAWAY)

I’m a HUGE advocate of the whole doing good feels good mindset. When we do good things for other people, we feelView full post »

This moment…

Well, we have returned… weary but well enough. Bo seems to have caught a little cold somewhere along the way andView full post »

This City Life…

I hate goodbyes at the best of times. Saying goodbye to my family and friends here in Perth is harder this time than IView full post »

Keep on keeping on…

With the best of intentions to get a really interesting blog up today about one of the issues in the parenting worldView full post »

A little bit of class… (REVIEW & GIVEAWAY)

I’m a bit of an opshop junky. I like to reuse and recycle things. I love finding little second hand items thatView full post »

This City Life…

I’m not sure how time has gone so quickly but as of yesterday we now have a seven month old. It seems like justView full post »

Controversies, compliments and giving praise…

A few weeks ago Dr Peggy Drexler published on Huff Post a pretty controversial thought provoking piece on complimentsView full post »


Coming from Australia and living in the hot tropical sun of Indonesia, I’m all about sun protection. Love it.View full post »

This City Life…

The past week in Perth has been an eventful one. With vaccinations, daddy-celebrations, lunch dates, long walks andView full post »

Got shot(s)…

The entire predominant reason for our semi-regular jaunts back to Aussie-land is to get Bo’s vaccinations. ToView full post »

For you, Abah

Sunday was fathers day in Australia. The very first fathers day for Ni and one he spent in the surf and on the beachView full post »

Mama babble and a salad of words.

I have lost the ability to communicate with words.You know, the kind of words that come out of your mouth? I hear thatView full post »