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Sweet she rocks, sweet she rolls.

I never thought I could get excited by rolling. That is until of course my 3.5 month-no-longer newborn baby rolled,View full post »

To inherit the earth, is our gift to them.

Bo’s birthright: it’s in her blood. Living in the village has taught me many, many things over the past fewView full post »

Top Baby Blogs – get voting!

Vote for Inked in Colour – and help us share the love! We have landed. Inked in Colour has just been initiatedView full post »

Playing it solo.

I’ve loved Bo at every stage of her pretty eventful three and a half months of life, but there is somethingView full post »

A bum in cloth.

cute, soft and enviro-happy… Bo in one of her 2nd hand Itti Bitti’s I never thought that I would beView full post »

A bad taste in my mouth.

I came online today after Bo had gone down for her afternoon nap (yes, she is sleeping today – progress!) toView full post »

If only there was a birth-plan for life after birth.

Parenting advice comes in all shapes and sizes… and whether you ask for it or not, it comes. Some of it is good,View full post »

Moments worth remembering…

Every day is a series of moments, one after the other, some worth remembering… others completely uneventful. LifeView full post »

I’m on her team.

Right from the beginning: Photo by Kate Heaslip Photography How would you like to go to a brand new place, have someView full post »

The long days of the (slightly maniacal) mother of a catnapper

We have a serial cat-napper on our hands, and it might be driving me insane. Up until we moved to Indonesia Bo was aView full post »

The many faces of Bo.

It’s pretty amazing to watch a little person literally develop their personality. Bo has personality plus, thereView full post »

Weighing in, the village way…

We took Bo to have her weighed, village styles. A little different to the Aussie Health Centre with it’s crispView full post »

Dear Bo,

Dear Bo, I have written you a thousand letters in my head. Every night as I put you to bed, I rock you back and forth,View full post »

For you, Mamas.

In the cool breeze of the tropical morning, mothers in our village rise before the call to prayer, they are up longView full post »

Becoming “Abah”…

I am, by no means, an expert on my child. Bo is a creature of unpredictability, she’s lovely and charming andView full post »

Motherhood makes [me] crazy…

Just call me crazy. Seriously. This motherhood thing, it’s turned me into a bit of a lunatic. People warned meView full post »

This weeks little loves…

beautiful Bo, my favourite little love of all… It’s been a bit of a rough week in our little house thisView full post »

Our village home…

After days of scrubbing, moving furniture and generally trying to get settled in my mind is a little calmer. I couldView full post »